The beginning of a beautiful thing

So I have been talking about doing a blog for months and months. Announcing the idea at work and receiving nothing but positive feedback. So I have no answer to what took my so long. Have you ever waited for inspiration to strike? Sat there, arms folded, expecting it to hit you like a bolt of lightning?


I have, it what has made this first blog post so delayed I’ve had the idea for months but just can’t seem to know what the first post would be. Cake was my first and most obvious choice. It was the kind of cake that threw me.

I have always loved red velvet cake. Yes I jumped on the bandwagon late. So sue me.


But I haven’t made a successful one yet. They opened up a little Lola’s cupcakes store after purchasing a red velvet cupcake which came in this cute little box!


I was hooked. And I wouldn’t rest until I made one as delicious. Lola’s brought out a book and Mr Gappy bought it for me as he knew how I feel about cake.


Which is unnaturally happy when I’m making or eating it.



I have decided that these cupcakes weren’t bad, but certainly not the best I’ve ever tasted, or that similar to what I had from their shop. I was a tad unimpressed considering the amount of ingredients that went into this cake, I’ve also got a bone to pick with the food colouring manufactures! Truly red my porky behind!


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