Moist Carrot cake with orange and vanilla bean buttercream

Somebody somewhere was doing something. So this meant I had to bake. I wasn’t unhappy with the situation. Due to being a diet, this meant I had to force myself to stop baking cakes, so I didn’t have temptation lying around. Although it’s kind of summer around these parts, I was asked for a Carrot cake. A delicious moist, but quite heavy carrot cake for the summer months. Move with the times people, maybe some berries or something? No? Ok, ok.  Nevertheless I did have carrots in abundance so I whipped the batter for this badboy in less than 20 minutes. IMG-20150607-WA0001 Basing the cake of Paul Hollywoods carrot cake. With a few tweaks to what was in my house this was completed. The original recipe can be found here: Ingredients

  • 155ml sunflower oil, plus extra for greasing
  • 230g self-raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • Pinch of ground ginger
  • teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 230g brown muscovado sugar ( i used a mix of light and dark)
  • 260g carrots, coarsely grated ( this amounted to 3 large carrots, done by hand on a box grater)
  • 3 medium free-range eggs, beaten
  • 80g raisins soaked in the juice of an orange

Method Preheat the oven to 180. Line one large cake tin. Mine was 9 inches

Warm orange juice in the microwave and add raisins to soak.

Place the sugar in a bowl. If your sugar was a bit lumpy like mine, get some gloves on and break the lumps with your fingers or give it a good beating with a wooden spoon. Add in the eggs and oil and mix together

Grate the carrots and add them into the bowl with the eggs, oil and sugar.

Sieve in dry ingredients and mix to make sure that everything is incorporated. Lastly in go the soaked raisins.

Pour into cake tin and bake for 50-60 minutes until the cake is baked. It will dome slightly.


So as this cake was going to be out of the fridge I went for a butter-cream instead of the usual cream cheese frosting. Which I love but would melt in the sun.

  • 100g softened butter
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 1 zest of orange ( the one you juice for the cake)
  • 1/2 vanilla pod

I beat the butter cream by hand. I simply put all the ingredients in a bowl  then beat until my arm felt like it was going to drop off and the butter-cream was white in colour, apart from orange zest and vanilla bean flecks here and there. Dust with cinnamon to finish if you please. The butter-cream generously coats  just the top of the cake. If you want to do around and fill the cake, do 2 and 1/2 times the recipe. IMG-20150607-WA0000


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