Pistachio raspberry cake. That’s been a long time coming


I adore pistachios especially pistachio financiers  which is something I used to make loads of at work. Since leaving I haven’t had as much time to bake with different nuts mainly because I find I love walnuts, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts etc but I don’t love the price.

Yes. I’m cheap.

Well cheapish, I still like good brand chocolate and butter but for some reason when I see those nuts for like £5 for a small bag I pass.DSCF3087

So whenever you do see me buy nuts they are always skin or shell on and take at lot of work removing these. These bakes are really more than any other a labour of love due to the time taken on these bad boys. This cake was worth it in every way, moist, light and fruity. Two tiny changes I would make next time would be to add more raspberries and keep some pistachios back to chop up for a chunkier texture








When I first did this cake my intention was to keep it plain


but I thought it needed an extra kick of juice to help bring out its pistachioness.

In one sitting more than half the cake was gone.


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