George – Chocolate,cherry vanilla cake

This cake was going to be something differently entirely. I was going for a pineapple coconut creation, but I’m lazy. Not lazy as in I didn’t want to make it or couldn’t be bothered.

Lazy as in I don’t mind tinned fruit at all.


It one of the few “cheats” I don’t mind along with using Nutella instead of making my own and not making my own jam because pectin sugar is hella expensive.

My only real pet peeve is recipes that use box mixes.

When I opened the tin, the pineapple lacked a whole load of punch. If I want a flavour in a cake, I want a good amount of it.

Vanilla cake with cherry and a dairy free chocolate ganache , drizzle and cherry truffles.

Traditionally as most people know truffles are made with chocolate and cream but double cream isn’t something that I buy on regular basis. I don’t use the whole pot of it and it just  goes to waste.

As my friend can’t eat dairy, and he demanded a cupcake, I wanted to give him a dairy free frosting. Therefore the chocolate elements are all the same dairy free mixture. Oat milk, maple syrup and chocolate. Nice and simple.

The only problem I had  was that with the truffles.The truffles didn’t set as well as I hoped but everything was delicious anyway.

This recipe, like a lot of layer cake does take some time and patience but It was worth it.




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