oat muffins



This was one of the recipes  I had bookmarked for ages. I loved the idea of using oat flour and was keen to try it. The only problem is my “tasters” are a bit picky and I’m one of those people whose heart breaks when I haven’t won a whole crowd.

As I didn’t know what to expect I baked up a half batch which resulted in 6 biggish blueberry oat muffins.


They smelt delicious, but lets face it most baked goods do.

I ground down some oats I had in the cupboard rather than buy. The oat flour made a massive difference to the flavour and texture of the muffins.  The flavour reminded me of a blueberry flapjack ( considering the amount of oats i shouldn’t have been surprised). The texture was heavier than a regular muffin ( not in a bad way) and moist from the yogurt and blueberries.

Another bonus is that there wasn’t a lot of sugar. I think with a tiny bit of tinkering and the addition of some seeds or dried fruit, this would make an amazing breakfast treat.




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