Carrot cake!!!!!

I think it’s obvious what my tasters favourite flavours are by the abundance of lemon, chocolate and carrot cake on the blog.

This carrot cake for family dinner was supposed to use up some leftover carrots we had in the fridge.  It did so nicely.

I added some VERY toasted walnuts and a handul of orange rum soaked raisins.  The cake was topped off  with a beautifully  smooth lemon and vanilla cream cheese buttercream. 

Chocolate chip muffins


These were so quick to make, 5 minutes to whip up the batter , about 18 minutes baking time and you’re stuffing your face into chocolate chip muffins.

Moist muffins made with Dark, milk and white chocolate!

I love saying moist. Which sounds really creepy and probably is in real life but come on. MOOOOOIIIIISSSSTTT. So fun to say.

I’m supposed to be eating healthier but I had a craving for a chocolate muffin that needed to be satisfied. Bearing in mind that 12 chocolate chip muffins would be too much temptation, I halved the batter but it still made 7 fat muffins.


I rarely get the opportunity to take photos of my bakes that aren’t being sold!

Lemon and Blueberry cheesecake

Mr GTGBakes is very fond of  cheesecake.

I wanted a quick no bake lemon cheesecake as my Mr gave some Gu cheesecake high praise the other day and I knew it was time to bring out the big gun.

This is made completely from scratch base and all. I LOVE making biscuits but this biscuit base  was made because I didn’t have any digestives in the cupboard but I had all the ingredients to make them.

We start off with a crunchy biscuit bake. There is a blueberry layer is sandwiched between the lemon and topped off with a mint blueberry compote.

lemon cheesecake

Chocolate chocolate cake

I am a terrible blogger I think its obvious but this is the birthday cake for my bad boy.

I asked him what he wanted on his cakes and he replied very seriously “More chocolate please”.

chocolate cake

A chocolate mud cake with  chocolate SMBC, chocolate ganache and chocolate stars.

I still want to improve on my writing, I find i write much better in french, but he was happy so I was happy.

oat muffins



This was one of the recipes  I had bookmarked for ages. I loved the idea of using oat flour and was keen to try it. The only problem is my “tasters” are a bit picky and I’m one of those people whose heart breaks when I haven’t won a whole crowd.

As I didn’t know what to expect I baked up a half batch which resulted in 6 biggish blueberry oat muffins.


They smelt delicious, but lets face it most baked goods do.

I ground down some oats I had in the cupboard rather than buy. The oat flour made a massive difference to the flavour and texture of the muffins.  The flavour reminded me of a blueberry flapjack ( considering the amount of oats i shouldn’t have been surprised). The texture was heavier than a regular muffin ( not in a bad way) and moist from the yogurt and blueberries.

Another bonus is that there wasn’t a lot of sugar. I think with a tiny bit of tinkering and the addition of some seeds or dried fruit, this would make an amazing breakfast treat.






So much as has happened during 2016, so much that I have not been posting regularly. Does this matter too much considering the magnitude of what has happened and the fact that this blog is just to make me happy? Not really.

Despite all of this, I do post pictures on the  Facebook page and Instagram if anyone is interested

Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/gtgbakes

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gtgbakes


You can view this chocolate cake named Den.

He is a soft chocolate sponge which has fudge AND vanilla buttercream. I think its pretty darn good and  it’s not dense or sickly like I find some chocolate .





Caramel tart

I’ve  taken so long so jump on the whole condensed  milk caramel ( dulce we leche?) Train.

And the simple  reason is that it takes like 2 hours to boil and that’s  a little bit long for me to be boiling one can.

So I boiled it at work.

Then I took it home to make these caramel hazelnut tarts. With shortbread  instead of pastry, my caramel, melted dark chocolate and salted roasted hazelnuts.

It was pure delicious sinfulness.

And not the way to start my diet.



Cherry almond tart

I’ve been crazily busy at work. Being in charge has it’s advanatages but I constantly  have to remind myself to behave and not dance around or act a fool.

The family requested a frangipane tart for dessert and with the amount of cherries  we had about cherry tart was an obvious way to use a few in the jam and top.





Ralph- A chocolate and hazelnut cake


I have got into this odd habit of late. Every single cake I bake has to be named and not like cakey sounding names with things like delicious or whatever in them.

Real names.

People names.

I have no doubt that a psychiatrist would have many things to say to me about this attachment to a object which I would happily greedily eat. As far as odd habits go, I don’t think this is the worst. Considering people name toilets when they are sold and we know what they are for.

This was my first attempt at Swiss meringue buttercream, after all the hype and the fact I spare time I had i thought it was too good to miss. There was all these horror stories about split buttercream and crazily cleaning your equipment before hand. I made a small batch and had no problems what so ever.

It was everything everyone said it would be, light, creamy and soft.

It just wasn’t for me, personally I feel that if you are going to go through the effort to make a buttercream with cooked sugar it has to be french which uses egg yolks and is much more rich.

I made one of the famous cakes that go around the internet and used melted butter instead of oil, mixed my swiss meringue with a chocolate hazelnut spread.

And TA-DA Ralph was made.




My photo is a bit dark but the cake was finished last night and a sample slice eaten this morning. Screenshot_2016-06-13-15-39-11-1

George – Chocolate,cherry vanilla cake

This cake was going to be something differently entirely. I was going for a pineapple coconut creation, but I’m lazy. Not lazy as in I didn’t want to make it or couldn’t be bothered.

Lazy as in I don’t mind tinned fruit at all.


It one of the few “cheats” I don’t mind along with using Nutella instead of making my own and not making my own jam because pectin sugar is hella expensive.

My only real pet peeve is recipes that use box mixes.

When I opened the tin, the pineapple lacked a whole load of punch. If I want a flavour in a cake, I want a good amount of it.

Vanilla cake with cherry and a dairy free chocolate ganache , drizzle and cherry truffles.

Traditionally as most people know truffles are made with chocolate and cream but double cream isn’t something that I buy on regular basis. I don’t use the whole pot of it and it just  goes to waste.

As my friend can’t eat dairy, and he demanded a cupcake, I wanted to give him a dairy free frosting. Therefore the chocolate elements are all the same dairy free mixture. Oat milk, maple syrup and chocolate. Nice and simple.

The only problem I had  was that with the truffles.The truffles didn’t set as well as I hoped but everything was delicious anyway.

This recipe, like a lot of layer cake does take some time and patience but It was worth it.