Bubs birthday cake


The cold cold truth.

NEVER leave a birthday cake in my house. 

Fair enough that It wasn’t my birthday cake, it was one I made for my beautiful baby ( toddler) niece. And I watched her blow out the candles.

So what I’m really saying, is that I was too late to take a photo of it before there was crumbs everywhere. They didn’t even cut the cake straight, they put the cake tin over the buttercream.

I was unimpressed.

Never the less this was a delicious birthday cake, made with vanilla and fresh raspberry jam. 





Sticky ginger cake

If this recipe was featured in a magazine  the title would  say something like ‘Fight the winter blues with cake’. Or maybe the tagline?


The point I’m getting to is  that this cake is healthier than my usual cakes. It certainly contains  ingredients that are recommended  to fight colds during winter.

Firstly and most obviously there is spicy ginger, sharp lemon and Oranges, oat flour and Manuka honey.

The best thing is this cake took me about 10 minutes to weigh and make!  It’s totally delicious as it is  but I’m looking for ways to add in some extra benefit.  Maybe hidden veg or dried fruits? Wholemeal flour? Who knows?

So while it won’t  win any beauty contests this cake is healthy (well at least to me) quick and delicious.






Caramel tart

I’ve  taken so long so jump on the whole condensed  milk caramel ( dulce we leche?) Train.

And the simple  reason is that it takes like 2 hours to boil and that’s  a little bit long for me to be boiling one can.

So I boiled it at work.

Then I took it home to make these caramel hazelnut tarts. With shortbread  instead of pastry, my caramel, melted dark chocolate and salted roasted hazelnuts.

It was pure delicious sinfulness.

And not the way to start my diet.



Cherry almond tart

I’ve been crazily busy at work. Being in charge has it’s advanatages but I constantly  have to remind myself to behave and not dance around or act a fool.

The family requested a frangipane tart for dessert and with the amount of cherries  we had about cherry tart was an obvious way to use a few in the jam and top.





Pistachio strawberry and lime


So it’s been a little minute. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been baking, because I have! It just means that before I could take photos it was eaten.

Which is a compliment if you think about it.

This is a pistachio sponge, with a strawberry lime compote and a cream cheese buttercream.

The cake itself was delicious but what truly irked me is that I constantly forget how I feel about strawberries until I eat them.

I’m not a fan.

Although the strawberries works well with the nuts  and cake if it was strawberries versus raspberries, raspberries win every time.



My layers are a little wonky I was working fast to get it out for the family.

Blackcurrant and white chocolate squares


I am a little annoyed.

Purely because the photos I have of these cakes don’t do it justice. The buttercream colours are dull and my angle isn’t the greatest. At some point I need to make a photography course a priority.

Apart from my slight annoyance I was pretty happy with the cake, I think a few minor adjustments will be made in future. I cut them into smaller sizes, reduce the amount of sugar  in the buttercream and slice the cake into 2 layers instead of the one( pure laziness in my part).

Now for the good part. A moist crumb, thick  sharp blackcurrant jam and a silky smooth white chocolate buttercream. It was quite quick to make and didn’t require a lot of bowls.

With a few of the alterations I think I’ll be making it again.



Ralph- A chocolate and hazelnut cake


I have got into this odd habit of late. Every single cake I bake has to be named and not like cakey sounding names with things like delicious or whatever in them.

Real names.

People names.

I have no doubt that a psychiatrist would have many things to say to me about this attachment to a object which I would happily greedily eat. As far as odd habits go, I don’t think this is the worst. Considering people name toilets when they are sold and we know what they are for.

This was my first attempt at Swiss meringue buttercream, after all the hype and the fact I spare time I had i thought it was too good to miss. There was all these horror stories about split buttercream and crazily cleaning your equipment before hand. I made a small batch and had no problems what so ever.

It was everything everyone said it would be, light, creamy and soft.

It just wasn’t for me, personally I feel that if you are going to go through the effort to make a buttercream with cooked sugar it has to be french which uses egg yolks and is much more rich.

I made one of the famous cakes that go around the internet and used melted butter instead of oil, mixed my swiss meringue with a chocolate hazelnut spread.

And TA-DA Ralph was made.




My photo is a bit dark but the cake was finished last night and a sample slice eaten this morning. Screenshot_2016-06-13-15-39-11-1